Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Yr Feminism for the Week: April 16

The wardrobe of Frida Kahlo—radical Mexican Trotskyite feminist, and one of the greatest most personal artists of the 20th century besides any of that—was saved upon her death and kept under lock-and-key, until now.

Ms Magazine has a great piece on the business of breast cancer, women's health, and the patenting of the so-called breast cancer genes: Through its patent, Myriad controls all variations of the BRCA genes and all possible uses of those genes. No researcher or doctor can provide testing, conduct research or develop new treatments using the BRCA genes without permission from Myriad.” SCOTUS is going to hear a case on this exact issue soon. In the long-run, this ruling will effect everyone; for now, it is a question of whether we want progress, or profit, on the breast cancer front.

There has been some outrage about the lack of national attention that the trial of mad abortionist Kermit Gosnell has received. But the case has been covered by every major news outlet since the story broke in 2011. At Salon Irin Carmon writes, “If you’ve never heard of the Gosnell story, it’s not because of a coverup by the liberal mainstream media. It’s probably because you failed to pay attention to the copious coverage among pro-choice and feminist journalists, as well as the big news organizations, when the news first broke in 2011. There would be something rich, if it weren’t so infuriating, about these (almost uniformly male, as it happens) reporters and commentators scrambling to break open this shocking untold story.” Thoughts?

Women are 500x more likely to be killed in a domestic altercation if there is a gun in the home. 54% of women who were killed with a gun last year were killed by an intimate partner or family member. That's right. Of all the women who were killed with a gun, more than half were killed by a boyfriend, husband, or other family member. Guns kill people. That's what they're designed to do. Let's not fool ourselves here. When women are the victim, it's usually not some random evil-doer, robber, gangster, bad guy.

An 8-year-old girl trolled a Tennessee lawmaker until he finally dropped a law (I'm sorry, I mean a completely moronic like-curing-cancer-with-ebola law) that would have tied social stability programs to children's grades in school. Well done, young lady.

A Swiss bank played an excellent prank on Equal Pay Day. Seriously, top-shelf funny. Check the video out.

If I ever have a daughter, she's getting an Elizabeth Warren poster in her bedroom:

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