Thursday, February 17, 2011

Getting Poesy at MIT

At the MIT Admissions blog, massively sleep-deprived Anna H. (class of 2014) shares a sonnet ode for each of her classes:

Ode to 8.022: Physics II (Electricity & Magnetism)
*Pronunciation guide: 8.022="eight oh two two"

Electric fields and charges: mystery
Unknowable to me in high school years
I struggled through the class and the AP,
But now I shed my bias and my fears.
"You fool!" you shout. "Why would you take that class?
The work is tough, and never will relent.
8.022 makes students cry en masse,
Your confidence, you will come to lament."
It could be that I'm crazy, I admit
But love like mine can deal with cranial pain
To endless waves of p-sets, I submit
Devoted to dear physics, I remain.
Professor Fisher's lectures help me see
That this is not impossible to clasp
There's elegance in here; there's symmetry
And solving problems can be in my grasp.
8.022, my love makes me a fool
Since I, to you, exist only to tool*.

*to tool: verb. When used by MIT students, means "to work" or "to study".

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