Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday & All That

Just a few pieces of note for the holiest day of the book-world's week.

* The LA Times reports that a 'lost' Mark Twain short story will finally be published in The Strand Magazine, a mystery quarterly, and Who Is Mark Twain?, the complete unpublished work, will come out next month from, it seems, HarperStudio. I don't think much could be done to harm his reputation at this point, but still, I hope the unpublished work holds up.

* In a recent entry to his personal blog, the former SoftSkull publisher Richard Nash writes, 'The book isn’t in trouble, it’s that everyone who takes some of the money that a consumer pays for an author’s content need to re-justify their share and not assume that because they used to get that % they still in fact deserve that %. And I sense too many people hiding behind the notion that this has something to do with grandiose cultural notions about the life and death of the book rather than more quotidien [sic] concerns about the vision and competence of individuals populating this business. . . . Focus on connect writers and readers and you won’t have to ask for whom the bell is tolling. ' Here, here!

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